Applying Process

You think you’ve found the perfect Omaha area school. What’s next? Here’s a step-by-step look at the admissions process.


The initial “getting to know you” part of the process can consist of school tours, classroom observations and interviews with admissions staff.

As you learn about the school, give the staff an honest, complete picture of your child to make sure it’s a good match.

“For us to best serve each child that attends our school, we need to know everything about him or her.”


An application fee is usually required. Once the application is in, the school will gather records and transcripts.


At a coed college prep school serving grades six through 12, prospects must submit letters of recommendation from their English and math teachers. “We have a very, very rigorous English program with a lot of literature, reading and writing.” “That tells us where they are and how we can fit them in with the classes we offer.”


Requirements vary, but many schools will accept certain standardized test results or will administer their own testing.


A committee will review the information and make a decision. In addition to academic qualifications and other considerations, the goal is a good fit. “We’re looking for someone who is going to be successful in this environment.”


Now, “If you’re thinking about it, do it now, don’t wait until summer of next year,” she says.

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